Documents reimagined

Beautiful. Lightweight. Always organized. Notion is an expressive and collaborative document editor that gives your ideas a place to grow.

Personal notes
To-do lists
Knowledge bases
Project boards
Code documentation
File sharing
Meeting agendas

Drag. Drop. Work as fluidly as you think

Create from an assortment of building blocks: to-dos, files, videos, code snippets, and more. Notion helps you work the way you think.

A unique & effortless way to stay organized

Tired of messy folders? We invented a new and intuitive way to organize: just drop one page inside another. Let your ideas grow organically.

Real collaboration in real-time

Share your work with anyone. See what others are doing on your page. It’s like having your collaborators in the same room with you.

Not online? Get updates via Slack or e-mail

Follow a page and get notified whenever it changes. Or integrate with Slack channels to keep your teammates always in the know.

Powerful tools made with creators in mind

Notion builds upon power features used in your favorite design and writing tools. So you can create at the speed of thought.

Multiple select
Auto convert to Markdown
Drag and drop from anywhere

Visually stunning layouts made easy

Arrange your page any way you like — your work will always look its best. We take care of design so you can focus on content.

An ever-growing collection of building blocks

All Notion content is made from Web Components
– the next generation open web standard.


Embed from Youtube or Vimeo


Track tasks right in your document


Upload from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive


Provide a list of options


A full code editor with formatting and highlighting


Annoate in the content and notify your collaborators


Video chat with collaborators without leaving your document
Want to make your own?
Easy – Notion is built on Web Components. Learn more

Notion is free during our beta period.
So go ahead and check it out!

  • I can't believe how easy it is to stay organized. Plus everything looks so clean!
    Andrew Barinov, DocuSign
  • Notion completely replaced my team's need for Google Docs and Hackpad.
    Ryan Teuscher, Waybury
  • I can always find what I need in Notion. It's so much easier to organize than with any other tool I've tried.
    Danielle Colen, Waltz Studio